Officers of Regina Mundi Council 3969 Handing Over $20,000.00 to the Officers of Several Sources Shelters, Inc. during the Council Christmas Party, December 15, 2019

The Knights of Columbus Regina Mundi Council 3969 donated $20,000.00 to Several Sources Shelters, Inc. to help buy another mobile ultrasound machine. The ultrasound machine is inside a van that parks outside an abortion clinic and the members of Several Sources encourage pregnant women going for an abortion to have a sonogram so they can see the images of their babies inside their wombs. About 95% of those who see the sonogram of their babies decide not to go ahead with the abortion. 

Several Sources offers a place where a young mother can have her baby and stay for up to a year or more after her baby is born. Many of the young mothers learn how to care for their children and also complete their GED or college degree program while under the care of Several Sources.