Past Knights of the Month & Past Knight of the Year

Brother Martin J. Kless

August 2017

Brother Emeliano Pastrana

September 2017

Brother Raymond J. Cramer, Jr.

October 2017

Brother Robert R. Zomerdyke

NOvember 2017

Brother Edwin O. La Rosa

December 2017

Brother Dr. Rodulfo P. Moises, Jr.

January 2018

Brother John E. Mc Gill, Jr.

February 2018

Brother Martin Neville

March 2018

Brother Joseph Siano, Jr.
Brother Travis E. Montague
April & May 2018
Brother Robert Bollettino

October 2018

Brother John Zipf

November 2018

Brother Raymond A. Yannette

December 2018

Brother Robert R. Zomerdyke

Knight of the Year